Omega speedmaster co-axial chronograph

Omega speedmaster co-axial chronograph Described as the best in the world, Co –Axial Escapement, Mechanical Perfection.

OMEGA Titanium Speedmaster Co-Axial‬ ‪OMEGA Titanium Speedmaster Co-Axial‬

‪OMEGA Titanium Speedmaster Co-Axial‬ ‪OMEGA Titanium Speedmaster Co-Axial‬

Since OMEGA launched it’s exclusive Co-Axial mechanical in 2007, the watch movements have been described as among the best in the world. Silicon balance spring,jinnovative gear train and industry-defying Co-Axial escapement at the heart of the movement is mechanical perfection.

Co-axial escapementInvented around 1974and patented in 1980by English watchmaker George Daniels, master watchmaker,jthe Co-axial escapement is a modification of the lever escapement and considered by some to be the most significant advancement since the the lever escapement invention. Co-axial functions with a system of 3 pallets that separates the locking function from the impulse, avoiding sliding friction of the lever escapement. This makes lubrication of the pallets unnecessarythereby eliminating one of the shortcomings of the traditional lever escapement, the sliding friction component. With a co-axial jescapement what little sliding friction remains is due to the impossibility of maintaining an exact tangential geometry throughout the duration of an impulse. By utilizing radial friction instead of sliding friction at the impulse surfaces the co-axial escapement significantly reduces friction, resulting in longer service intervals and greater accuracy over time.
Omega speedmaster co-axial chronograph

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